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"I had no idea how to do Facebook ads, funnels, post cards or offers that truly draw people in nor did I want to waste money testing.  Well, it's dirt cheap with Drive Me To Think because of the co-op and we have almost constant foot traffic now.  Proud to be a part of it."

-Brian, Partner

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"I was skeptical until I saw how our drivers responded to the seminar. They seemed peaceful and truly different. They were just nicer in general and we're seeing a very noticeable drop in all fleet incidents."

-Joe, CEO Promotes MADD Campaign

News has launched a fundraising campaign for MADD. A constant effort to keep our roads safe through affiliate fundraising continues proudly.

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Barnes & Noble book discussion.  Bookseller chain stocking housebrand eReader, plus a broad selection of titles for adults & kids.

Road Rage

Man dies in apparent road rage incident in west Harris County

A man is dead after investigators say another man shot him in a possible road rage incident in west Harris County.

The man, who was found lying in the street with a single gunshot wound, was pronounced dead at the scene, which occurred around 10:40 p.m. Tuesday in the 19400 block of Spanish Needle Drive, according to Harris County Sheriff's Office Deputy Frank Donaldson.



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