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DriveMeToThink is a safe driving movement that funds its mission of changing and saving lives by working with fleets, insurers, universities, charities, and businesses of all sizes providing these services:


The seminars are run by K. Scott and are very flexible regarding content and duration. Any company that wants its employees to drive more safely and become more kind and inspired in their work and life would benefit. Lives are saved and changed forever.


We provide low-cost business growth services to small businesses covering text & loyalty, reviews & reputation, Google ranking, website dev, and unique Facebook ads. Our small business partners grow while our safe driving movement spreads peace and safety far and wide.


We connect our safe-driving non-profits with our business clients to create great fundraising and business growth partnerships. From co-op mailings to golf outings to events and text database-sharing, we do everything in our power to raise awareness, promote safety, and inspire positive attraction.

The "Drive Me To Think" Seminar

This seminar will create a lasting shift in each participant's heart and mind guaranteeing safer driving* and happier living.
Great for professional drivers, insureds, employees, students, commuters, and thinkers.
*Guaranteed 10-30%+ decrease in driving incidents.

"Forgiveness in traffic saves lives; forgiveness in life saves souls."  -K. Scott

"...a jaw-dropping eye-opener for me."

Dr. Joe Vitale of The Secret

"Our corporate seminar was like an awakening; our employees and drivers were literally transformed into safer, kinder, more inspired people. Driving incidents and accidents are way down. We are thrilled!"

-Mr. Tony Morrone, Partner at Telivita (Medical Supplies)

Seminars, small and large, are led by K. Scott, author of the book, Drive Me to Think. His mission is to change and save lives by practicing forgiveness and patience while driving to help attract joy and prosperity into our lives.

"Driving time is Law of Attraction time."

The seminars are very introspective shining a light on what's going on inside of us when we drive. Why are we generally less patient and more contentious when we drive? There is an answer and it thrusts participants into considering who they really want to be in this lifetime. Belief in attraction is solidified and future challenges - on the road and in life - are planned for as "moment opportunities"; the choices we make literally determine what we experience in our lives. Participants are changed forever.

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Great Gift for young drivers, commuters, & deep thinkers!

Buying the book supports our safe driving movement and spreads peace.

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DriveMeToThink.com is a safe driving movement. Please consider buying the book, Drive Me To Think (Amazon.com), as a gift for employees, young drivers, commuters, and thinkers.