We work with groups and companies to private label or CO-CREATE brand-enhancing, safety-spreading, world-changing literature and electronic media...then viralize it!

Contact us to discuss the creation of media that SAVES & CHANGES the lives of insureds, professional drivers, employees, customers, and all who want change. Contact

We are easy to work with and thorough in execution. Let us help you create a win-win CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY piece to insert in current mailings, e-distribute and download.


We can maximize adoption through SOCIAL MEDIA & APP-driven promotion and contests.
Let's strategize for optimal driver safety, patience, kindness, and brand-enhancement.


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Thank you for stopping by!  Please consider buying the book, Drive Me To Think (c 2013 Amazon.com), as a gift for young drivers, agitated commuters, and deep thinkers; it helps support the movement.



Do you know anyone influential at a major auto insurer, auto maker, auto renter, or delivery company?

We love to share!!!


We are a movement to save and change lives on a massive scale.  To that end, we help any and all companies and groups in the automotive industry change and save the lives of the people they touch- insureds, professional drivers, employees, customers, and those affected by driving tragedy.


We help such entities produce their own versions of our proven strategy for practicing patience, safety, forgiveness, and re-focus while driving so miracles are attracted in life.  See White Light Consulting

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