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We keep things very simple, cost-effective, and under your daily-spend control:  

-We can get your local business 20-50+ new customers every month, town-by-town and you can pause or cancel at any time. 

-You can co-op with us (or not) at any time for free.  You’d get to say, "We are proud supporters of the Safe Driving Movement” wherever you want.  We can do literature, events, promotions, etc. together.

-We have an extremely unique and effective Facebook Ads Strategy that has never failed to create positive ROI business growth for virtually all automotive business types as well as many, many other local business types.  The very same strategy also works well with our mailed post cards.


-We are experts at creating "scroll-stopping" ads that get you customers on auto-pilot every month until you say, “Enough, please pause the program.”; seriously, that is the most common reason clients pause...the inspired ones open another location.  :)  (Dealership service departments, independent service stations & after-marketers win big with us.)


-We’ve done discount-deals, perks, events, contests, and special promotions with this same strategy; it works basically every time and it’s very cost-effective; our small, brilliant team manages everything.

-If (and only if) you’d happily pay $800 - $2,000/mo for 20-50+ new, lifetime-value customers every month, CLICK HERE to get more information; we'll never call you until you ask.  Ask about our deeply-discounted "1st Month Test".


Ken (K. Scott)
"A Safety & Prosperity Movement"
PH#: 828.356.5544
Twitter: @drivemetothink
“Forgiveness in traffic saves lives; forgiveness in life saves souls.” –K. Scott



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