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We are Drive Me To Think, a Safe Driving Movement (est. 2013), and we partner with local and mid-sized businesses through either a completely free supporter model or a low-cost, simple Co-Op advertising model that generates 20-40+ new customers/month along with improved Google Rankings and Reviews.


OPTION 1 (Completely Free):


You can partner with us for free which allows you to call your business “A Proud Supporter of Drive Me To Think, a Safe Driving Movement”. 
You get:


1.A framed “Certificate of Support”


2.Our “Life Changing” Safe Driving Pamphlet for your customers; it’s customized with your logo and business information.  It’s a great free giveaway with a deep message of positive change and attraction while driving and in life.


OPTION 2 ($695/month- pause or cancel at any time; we keep everything simple.):


In addition to getting OPTION 1 above, we co-op the advertising cost of getting you 20-40+ new customers/month while boosting your Google Rankings and Reviews. 
You get:


1.A minimum of eight (8) social media posts and 5-star reviews/mo that include content, offer, and viral contest for skyrocketing your Google Rankings and Reviews.


2.A minimum of $125 (included) of paid Facebook Ads targeted to your local market and/or customer demographic including tested memes, offers, and viral contests for 20-40+ new customers/mo.


3.Our “Life-Changing” Giveaway Gifts to use as list-building incentives to new customers. We customize and host the gifts online; you give them to customers by text or email so they can read it while they wait; be sure to save the emails and cell #s!  The gifts are generally deep, moving, interesting, and greatly appreciated.





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DriveMeToThink.com is a safe driving movement. Please consider buying the book, Drive Me To Think (Amazon.com), as a gift for employees, young drivers, commuters, and thinkers.