Let's start growing your new customer text database so you can instantly do:
FLASH SALES (Fill up your slow days & times)
GIVEAWAYS & CONTESTS (Customer Loyalty)
EVENTS & NOTIFICATIONS (Customer Appreciation)
5-STAR REVIEWS (Maximize Google Ranking)
SAFE DRIVING PROMOTION* (Customer Connection)

*We are a 'low-cost' tech provider because we are also a safe driving movement.  Our small business partners get new customers from our national text database.


Text Database & Promotion Solution + 5-Star Review Module
$99 (Full set-up and 30-Day Test - $399 value).



  1. We assign your business its own text number from our SMS platform and setup your program.
  2. We send you your custom...
    -"8.5"x11" Immediate Discount Placard" (For in store display & promotion)
    -“8-Page Wealth Attraction Booklet” (Attached to sign & stand; pictured below)
    -“Safe Driving Supporter Certificate” (The Drive Me To Think Movement)
  3. Then, your employees simply smile and promote the program while we capture the customer’s cell # and instantly auto-reply with the Immediate Discount Code, eBooklet Link, and 5-Star Google Review Link.
  4. After 30 days, we discuss your new promotion options, your 5-star reviews, your Google Local/Maps rank improvement, and the number of cell #s we can add to your campaigns from our database; we either continue or no hard feelings.


  • Build customer loyalty by offering discounts and giveaways while supporting our safe driving movement just by working with us.
  • Develop a database of customer cell #s for instant promotions, notifications, events, sales, contests, referrals, reviews, giveaways, etc. (fill your slow days & times)
  • Dramatically improve your Google Local/Maps ranking and general SEO via our 5-Star Reviews Solution.
  • Get new customers by strategically leveraging our growing 2MM+ NY Metro consumer cell # database.


  • $99 covers all setup and everything discussed above for the 30-Day Test.
  • $197-$397/month thereafter to continue growing with the Text Database & Promotion Solution.


  1. Email us- to schedule a call.
  2. If you decide to give it a whirl, we email you a simple electronic Invoice & Terms.
  3. If the test goes well and we become partners, our unique, simple Facebook Ad strategy will pump new customers into the whole new system- Enter the store, Text, Appreciate, Review, Google Rank, Flash Sale, Loyalty, Connect, Repeat

Terms & Details

>We begin set-up upon initial payment of $99 via electronic invoice & terms; agreement to terms are very simply confirmed by payment; no binding signatures needed.

>All printed materials, text messages, and program settings must be approved by electronic sign-off by person(s) designated and approved to do so.

>Changes to any printed materials, text messages, or program settings after approval, may incur a change fee ($20-$50/change).

>The monthly fee for the Text Database & Promotion Solution + 5-Star Review Module includes 2 campaigns/month; additional campaigns may incur a campaign execution fee ($99-$199/campaign)


>The 30-Day Test includes everything indicated above including analysis and consultation to move forward with the first campaign which would begin month #1 of a partnership with Drive Me To Think at the decided per month fee.  The partnership can be cancelled at any time by either party.


>Our small business partner owns the customer cell phone numbers generated in-store but not those that we add to each campaign from surrounding zip codes.  Upon partnership-termination for any reason, a .csv file of partner cell phone #s will be sent to our former small business partner upon request.



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