Our Mission

The Drive Me To Think Movement is a social enterprise that has two main objectives:

  • Saving Lives

  • Changing Lives

We earn money by promoting sponor products, selling our products, and consulting companies to develop their own publications and products aimed at safe driving and brand enhancement.

Proceeds go toward spreading the strategy via speaking, social engagement, lobbying, and promotion of our central strategy- define your 'higher self' and practice that 'self' while driving so it emerges naturally in your life..."...riches will flow, purpose will inspire, and love will unfold.  Practice it while driving, choose it always."  
(Drive Me To Think, (C) 2013, p. 136)


Drive Me to Think is a unique resource for transforming the way we perceive the privilege of driving.  Once we clearly see ourselves as potential MURDERERS behind the wheel, our attention shifts  and our commitments reinforce.  Partnerships are being sought with any and all groups dedicated to ending distracted driving.

The following chart was made to quickly and easily illuminate the array of distractions we all face while driving (from the book and presentation).


(Macro Foundation)


So let’s step back and re-focus here with these two questions top-of-mind:

1. Why were we put on this earth? And much more importantly, 
2. How in the world does question 1 relate to driving?

The answer is that with personal reflection on why we exist, comes the need to step back and see a higher goal. Seeing a higher goal often opens our minds to thinking differently. Thinking differently creates the desire to act differently and that desire naturally seeks expression. Finally, higher self expression will encounter no greater challenge in life than driving.

I’m exaggerating for effect but the following is not hyperbole: forgiving, accepting, and seeing ourselves in others will start a movement of abundance and peace, within and without, that can literally change the world. It starts with waves of safety and grows to higher consciousness all through commitment to being, thinking, and acting as our Highest Selves while driving.

(Non-judgment & Forgiveness)

The Trinity of Forgiveness

I’ve identified a progression of three forgiveness strategies that virtually guarantee that we can all forgive anything that offends us on the road and in life. It’s a progression just like a quarterback progresses from one receiver to the next until he finds the one that works best for that play as it develops. If that comparison doesn’t work for you, just think of it as having options to choose from as the circumstances evolve…and please watch more football.

Forgiveness Strategy 1: The first of the trinity is so very simple that it may insult your intelligence, but in its simplicity is its power. The moment we’re about to judge and condemn something we observe on the roads or in life, we instantly ask ourselves:

“Have I EVER done that?”

It is so simple, welcome to salvation, true forgiveness in five words if your answer to the question is in fact, “yes”. But let’s make sure we get the true power of this question, once again as you in the story. You’re sitting at a red light just starting to come off the brake as you see the adjacent traffic light turning from yellow to red, when all of a sudden an orange Challenger, racing stripes and all, comes cruising through the now red light. You’re about to say, “You SOB! You could have killed someone! I hope you drive into a small pond down the road!” But as the words are rising to your consciousness you pause and ask, “Have I EVER done that before?”

Notice the emphasis on 'ever'. If we have ever done something before, we are done with our progression and true forgiveness is right there if we let go of the judgment instantly. Why? How? Because unless you know that particular driver and you’ve seen her drive like a maniac habitually, that could have been the very first time she’s ever done that and she might be rushing her child to the hospital. Do we get that? Sure it’s a stretch, at least the hospital part, but the goal is not to be right or to play the odds, it’s to forgive; it’s to free the speedy woman and ourselves simultaneously from condemnation, from hell, all in a miraculous instant of identification. It’s such a small thing but it’s also everything. Let’s remember, there is no magnitude to Creator, Universe, God, Love; forgiveness is forgiveness. It’s either toward Him or not; moment opportunity capitalized on or not; miracle uncovered, or denied; it’s everything.

Instead you say to yourself, “Yikes, I’ve done that before once or twice; I hope everything’s okay (silent blessing and thanks).” There, you just changed the world; blessed another, and in doing so, blessed yourself; thanked another, and in doing so, thanked God.

“Your gratitude to your brother is the only gift I want…Salvation is a collaborative venture…[I] will come to you only as you will give [Love, Forgiveness] to your brothers [others].” (ACIM, Text, 62)




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