Our movement uses driving as a 'higher self' practice venue that promotes patience, safety, forgiveness, and thought-refocus as tenets for safety while driving and success in life- the 'why'.  This method literally shifts minds and creates safe drivers while enhancing your brand.


In addition to speaking to groups and at events to instill safe driving through higher self identification, our fledgling consulting arm, White Light Consulting, works with companies to develop custom booklets and e-media using our proven method of inspiring safe, patient drivers…or…we can simply private label our version, “Driving Can Make You Healthy, Wealthy & Wise” (based on the book, Drive Me To Think).


Further, we can coordinate and execute app-promotion and SOCIAL MEDIA-DRIVEN CONTESTS to maximize adoption.  Existing APPS can promote content, contests, and benefits with teaser copy and a call-to-action to download and 'convert agitated driving time to positive attraction time.'


Benefits Include:


•         Each booklet is designed to engage skimmers and draw them into its exercises, insights, and commitments by relating positive thoughts and decisions while driving to success in life through the universal Law of Attraction.

•         You can distribute the booklet to new insureds, multiple incident insureds, younger insureds, employees, family, etc. Feedback contests via social media can go right on the cover.

•         Each distributed booklet becomes a potentially eternal wave of safety, forgiveness, and personal success raising the consciousness of the world while enhancing your brand.


As we all know, driving tends to bring out the worst in us; what better place to practice a higher version of ourselves?...what better way to reduce driving accidents and incidents?


Each pamphlet/booklet is designed to be very cost-effective at approximately $.07 - $.50 each depending on volume and options.


Simply contact us to discuss.

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